The Difference Project

Working with differences, be they differences of opinion or direction, or differences arising from race, culture, socio-economics, gender, or age, is an area of intense interest for Michael. His years of experience as a facilitator of difficult conversations within groups can pay enormous dividends to both for-profits and non-profits. Michael works with businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations to resolve differences that impede the ability of the organization to reach its goals.

Having difficult conversations is a neccessary component of all relationships. Whether it be a family, organization or community, the ability of individuals to hold differences and yet live together harmoniously is key.

The best businesses and organizations are able to honestly explore and express differences, coming together to support the organization’s mission and vision. Members of any community find that pluralism can flourish when heartfelt differences exist within the context of conversation and dialogue.

The Difference Project is the umbrella under which Michael organizes this area of his practice.