This Blog

This blog is my attempt to share some of what I know about relationships and how psychotherapy works.  I write as a seasoned psychotherapist and as a person.  I still have a lot to learn.

I work primarily with Couples.  I also see individuals.  I have a sub- specialty in Sex Therapy.

Depending on the way you count I have been doing my work since the end of 1969.  I received my Masters Degree in Social Work in 1973.  Throughout my two years of Graduate School I practiced psychotherapy through supervised Internships.  It has always seemed like an uninterrupted process to me.

Nothing that I will write will be truly original.  Everything has been said before.  I just prefer my way of describing things to the way others might discuss the same ideas.  Sometimes change is remembering what you already know.  The previous sentence is an example of what I read in a book a long time ago and have since heard many times.  I don’t remember the author’s name.

Whenever I write something that came from someone whom I know, or from books that I have read, or presentations that I have attended, I will do my best to give credit where it is do.  If I forget or fail to mention someone, please know that it has not been intentional.  I have no desire to plagiarize.  I have humility about the work that I do and the many ways to approach it.  I feel the same way about many of my colleagues in the field.

I believe that I have learned the difference between arrogance and affirmation.  I intend to affirm.

Since I was a child, long before I attained professional credentials, I have been a student of relationships.  I am sure that came in part from the challenges that arose in the Multi-Generational family system that I came from.  Don’t get me wrong.  Everyone comes from an imperfect family.  I feel lucky to have come from my own family.  I hope that my children and grandchildren will feel the same way.

There are not many people in the world who have the privilege of doing work that they love and work that they were “meant to do”.  I am extremely fortunate to be in that situation.  I might be making up the “meant to do” part, but that is my experience.

I try never try to lay spirituality on others.  I must say that my own spirituality informs my work and my life.  It is very personal.

I am a better talker than I am a writer.  I hope that I can lend clarity to what I write. I will attempt to share what I have learned, and am learning, about relationships and the process of psychotherapy.  I hope that what I write will be useful to readers.

The name of the Psychotherapy Practice that I co-founded in 1990 is The Art of Living.  In my view that is what psychotherapy is about.  Each person’s answer to what the art of living is to them is also very personal.  I ask questions and share thoughts.  You come up with your own answers.