Business Consulting

Business, Education, and Non-Profit Consulting Services

What makes Michael Schaal the right consultant for your organization? In a word: Experience. A large segment of Michael’s work deals with relationships, whether they be relationships within ourselves or with others, such as those between bosses and employees or between organizations and their constituents and customers. Understanding how relationships work, how they can be improved, and how they can influence success in all the facets of life is key to improving efficiency and effectiveness in all types of organizations. Michael’s services include: •

Shaping Organizational Culture

The most successful CEO’s and Executive Teams are those who focus on organizational culture. The ability to see and take responsibility for shaping, and evolving culture marks those businesses and organizations that can realize vision and mission, and can prosper at times of instability, and maximize opportunity. Skill in working with culture often sets exceptional businesses apart from those that are mediocre. Michael Schaal helps leaders understand the existing culture within their organization, and to take an active role evolving and developing their business philosophy. With new business ventures, Michael can help take the CEO’s vision and translate it into a company culture that will guide and sustain the organization’s growth and decision making.

Positioning Business and Organizations in Transition

Businesses in transition offer unique challenges and opportunities. Leaders can use this transition time to position the business correctly, develop or adapt their culture, and build highly skilled executive teams that communicate effectively, and unite around mission and vision, allowing the business to succeed. •

Guiding Family Owned Businesses

Family Owned Businesses require special expertise, especially when it comes to navigating the boundaries between personal and business roles. Often, business owners and employees are required to switch roles many times during the day, potentially both complicating and enhancing the running of the business. An understanding of family dynamics can ease this set of circumstances, making for improved family relationships and smooth business operations. For example, Michael can help families develop a transition plan that can smooth the changeover from one generation to next.

Coaching for the CEO and members of the Executive Team

Effective communication between the CEO and members of the Executive Team, between the executive team and employees, and between the business and its customers is crucial. Michael works with CEOs and management teams to optimize these communications, improving operations and minimizing conflict. •

Defining Corporate Responsibility

In this time of environmental degradation and social awareness there is a need for business to conceptualize and implement socially responsible best practices. Excellence in the business world is consistent with excellence in citizenship, and both contribute to success and profitability.